Thursday, September 22, 2005


Hey I finally got the internet set up!! It only took, what, 3+ weeks?? I'll say this.....don't ever get anything with Verizon. They suck.

I'm going to keep this brief since I literally just got the internet and am all excited to catch up on the sites I've missed. Things here are going great. Work is great. My co-workers are great. The city is great. Things are going just fine. My hours kinda suck, but that's okay because I'm done at 1pm. Can't complain about that. Plus I got to meet Jack Hanna last week! That's pretty sweet. I've also met Aries Spears (Mad TV) and Ralphie May (Last Comic Standing) through work.

I don't know too many people here yet, but I've kept myself plenty occupied. Of course, I found a sweet record store to hang out at. And of course, I've make several purchases. Let's briefly review, in the order purchased:

Son Volt Afterglow 61 EP's Farrar, so just whatever. I think I've covered this in the past.

Portastatic Bright Ideas
Portastatic is great because I love just hearing Mac sing. Then again Portastatic sucks because it just makes me want more Superchunk. Still a very solid release, but Mac is always best with Superchunk.

Death Cab for Cutie Plans
Probably the most disappointing release of the year. Transatlanticism was just so brilliant that I wanted more, but this is definitely not what I meant.

Autumn Defense The Green Hour
Eh, nothing special. Just something to fill out the collection.

John Vanderslice Pixel Revolt
Good, but not Cellar Door good. Lays on the blips and bloops a little too thick, but not enough to ruin it. Go buy it.

Calexico/Iron & Wine In the Reins
Exactly what it should sound like: a cross between Calexico and Iron & Wine. That's great because both are favs of mine. The EP kinda suffers from starting off with such an incredible song ("He Lays in the Reins"). Everything after that song isn't as good.

New Pornographers Twin Cinema
Good. Great. Whatever, just go get it and enjoy. Great stuff.

That's all so far. Tuesday sees the release of new stuff from Ryan Adams, Supergrass, and Wolf Parade. I'll definitely be getting all three. Plus every time I go to Plan 9, I walk around holding the latest Smog but haven't bought it yet. I really need to.

Well, I've got so much stuff to see now that my internet's hooked up. I plan on posting a-plenty coming up. Plus I'll have a few pictures to post.