Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Road to Somewhere, I Don't Know Where

Okay just listened to Supergrass's Road to Rouen. It's great, but not perfect. I'm beginning to wonder if Supergrass will ever top In it for the Money. I doubt it. Pitchfork actually had it right, for once:

"...the last thing a band like Supergrass needs is maturity..."

Wow, very true. Supergrass is at their best when they screech songs about getting busted for pot and whatnot. Road to Rouen is definitely Supergrass's most mature album, but it still very hip. Very Manhattan (even though they're British). It's not surprising there is a song titled "Roxy." There are some tremendous moments on this disc, especially "Tales of Endurance (Parts 4, 5, & 6)" and "Kick in the Teeth." Then again there are some tremendous dumps too, like the worthless filler "Coffee in the Pot" and the very odd slow-jam "Fin." Why is Supergrass doing a slow-jam?!

I guess overall, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Very worthy release.

I'm listening to these albums today in an order, so that I'm not jarred by styles. First was the very trashy Wolf Parade, followed by super-chic punk Supergrass, next up on the plate is glam-rock gods Big Star, and closing with the countryish Ryan Adams. That seems right.

Next up is the new Big Star. Since I'm so excited about it, I'll go ahead and do a stream of consciousness review.