Monday, August 22, 2005


This is going to be my last post in Kirksville. After I post this I am disconnecting my modem and packing up the computer. I got my utilities set up in Richmond today, but it may be a couple of weeks before I get my DSL set up meaning it'll probably be a while before I'm able to post again.

My going away bash this weekend was really something else. Friday was pretty mellow. A few of us hit the Dukum for a couple of hours and hit the Shitty afterwards. Saturday was where all the craziness was.

Hedges got into town around 4:30pm and helped me move some furniture with Cody and Josh (Josh got the couch and Jason got a couple of chairs, including the recliner). After that (and a quick trip to Wal-Mart and nice long shower) Mike, Cody, and I hit the Shitty for a massive meal. Even though I wasn't too hungry, I couldn't help put having the B&G one last time. Then it was off to Josh's to pick him, Jason, and Kyle up for Leisure World.

We got a couple of games (and pitchers of Boulevard) in, but it was like a hundred degrees in the Sleaze so we didn't stay long. I wish I could say I bowled brilliantly in my last games in know, something poetic....but I sucked. I think my high was around 120.

Dukum was next where we met up with many more people, including running into several people I wasn't expecting. Dukum was great. We played a game of shuffleboard (I got smoked again) and had many, many drinks. Next was the T.P.'s walkthrough. For those of you not familiar with the T.P.'s walkthrough, let me summarize:

1. Shove your way through the front door.
2. Try to tell the person next to you that the music is too loud.
3. Shove your way through the bar to the back.
4. Use the pisser (optional).
5. Look around and notice that the crowd sucks.
6. Leave through the back.
(Total length of trip: 3 minutes max.)

I opted for the pisser while on the walkthrough. I kinda thought the bathroom looked different, like they must've renovated. When I got out and was met with a line of angry-looking women, I realized what bathroom I had used. Whoops. Off to Woody's we ran.

I love Woody's. It's probably my favorite bar in this town. It's always so mellow and the crowd is great. We got my favorite table and chatted for a bit. Mike pointed out that we need some mind erasers. (Little backstory: A couple of years ago I dragged Mike to Ohio to visit some college buddies. The whole time we survived on mind erasers and gyros.) The mind eraser really did the trick because I started drunk-dialing people I hadn't seen yet (something I seriously never do).

Toon's was next. It's no secret that I hate Toon's with an undying passion, but I just had to see it once more. We hit it up right around closing time so there was no cover. We walked in, walked around once, heard D.J. Fatass's voice one more time, then left.

Now it was closing time so it was off to Josh's. This is where things got a little blurry, so I can't talk much. Josh and I made jungle juice the night before with only the everclear. That might explain the loss of memory. Luckily Mike was documenting the night with his camera so I'll get a little of that memory back when the pictures are developed. I do remember talking to John and Heather briefly, but I can't remember if I called them or what. I also remember smoking my last Burmese cigar that my roommate in Milwaukee gave me. It was being saved for something special, and I figured that was special enough. Yet another trip to the Shitty (third trip in two nights) near dawn was the last part of the night. I finally crawled into bed close to 6am......

......only to be awoken by a hungry Huxley four hours later. She simply wouldn't leave me alone and I had to get up and feed her. I figured I'd nap around on the couch with the TV on. Forgetting, of course, I gave my couch up the day before, I just crashed on the floor instead. Good times.

Things are pretty much wrapped up at work. This whole transition still hasn't hit me yet. Everytime I've left here before, I've always came back. That's what this trip feels like. It feels like I'm going on a vacation. Even as I sit here in a nearly empty house, it still doesn't feel like it should. We had our last meeting with the directors over lunch today, and tonight was the last Production meeting. It still doesn't feel quite like it should. It's strange. I'm not thinking too much about Richmond, and I'm not thinking much about missing Kirksville. Hopefully when I get out there my apartment will be killer and I'll love it so much that it'll finally kick in. That's not to say I don't want to miss Kirksville, because I really do. The good thing is that I'll be back, for sure. Hopefully I'll be able to come back this winter, but we'll see. I hate this town, but it's also hard not to love it. I know I'll miss it, and I'll miss everybody and everything.

I'm delaying the inevitable right now by rambling like this. I really do need to finish up my packing. Tomorrow the moving truck arrives and I'm out of here Wednesday morning. Thursday I'll arrive and move in. Friday it's off to work for my first day. I don't have my contact info yet, but I'll pass it out as soon as I get it.

Well I really need to go, so take care everybody. You'll hear from me soon. I'll see you out east!