Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Month In

As of today, I have lived in Richmond for one month. Can't say it's been too exciting of a month, as you would expect, but it's been a ton of fun. Still don't have any hangout friends, but plenty of pals at work. Actually today I was supposed to meet up with an anchor at a sports bar downtown. I went and had a great burger and a couple beers, but never saw him. The bar was pretty sweet and I watched most of the Rams game, but then I realized I might be parked illegally so I promptly split.

Work's still kicking ass. This morning I directed my second animal segment. This one didn't go quite as well because the owl freaked out right as we were coming back from break. Then the monkey almost jumped on the anchor the moment it was let out of the cage. We were just rolling in laughter in the control room, but I think the floor crew was a little freaked. I used the owl for a bump shot once and it just glared the hell out of the camera. I think the op was a little scared. I like directing animal segments. They're pretty unpredictable and hard to script, and that's what I like. All I had like that back home was the rodeo.

Oh by the way.....if you want to check out a cool site devoted to Richmond, go to Richmond City Watch. It's mostly photos of the town, including a section on my workplace. It's a great site. I still intend to keep taking pictures of the town and post them, but I've still been pretty busy outside work. This is my weekend, but I've got to work on getting my license transferred over to Virginia. After that, I'm pretty much set and will have more free time.