Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Secret Weapon

Did anybody happen to catch St. Louis natives the Sklar Brothers special before the Cardinals game tonight on ESPN2? It was an hour long show about their quest to get Jose Oquendo inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame. I know it was supposed to be light-hearted and funny, but the more I watched the more it started to make sense. I'm a big advocate of every position being considered for induction, especially closers. So I guess it makes sense to induct the innovator of the utility position. Afterall this was a guy that can play every position, and play them well.

In the end, the Sklar Brothers of course don't exactly get Jose inducted into the hall itself, but they did have a nice little induction ceremony at the utility closet. Somehow it's fitting, I guess. I'm guessing there will never be a way Jose will get inducted, that is until he takes the helm when LaRussa retires and leads the Redbirds to six World Series championships over the next decade. I like this guy's idea at the Post Dispatch Cardinals board tonight:

"Well, of course first he would have to manage a game at every position: Start as 1B coach, then move to 3B in the same inning (following Pujols). Then switch to the pitching coach and take out Marquis for Calero. Then move to hitting coach and instruct Taguchi on the proper technique for the squeeze play. Then move to manager in the 9th and call for Izzy to warm up, and then go warm him up in the bullpen as the bullpen coach/catcher. That should do it...."

I didn't notice if the special was going to be airing again anytime soon, but I highly suggest checking it out if it does. If nothing else, it's a great tribute to one of the '80's most underrated and likeable ball players. Plus the Sklar Brothers are typically pretty funny.

Hip hip Jose!!