Thursday, July 15, 2004

Find Your Own Fire

Are you spending the night bored and alone?  These are a couple of my favorite websites to kill time on....
Snopes is subtitled "The Urban Legends Reference Pages."  This has been one of the most informative sites I've seen in a long time.  They have tons of urban legends and weird stories that usually sound too good to be true, but sometimes aren't.  Next time you get some weird chain mail about helping the Nigerian king smuggle money from his Swiss bank account, getting free money from Microsoft, or some poor dude that got his brains eaten by maggots, make sure to reference this page before you pass on the misery to everybody else.  (By the way, one of those three is real).  Besides you can trust everything you read on the web, right??
Retrocrush, the World's Finest Pop Culture Site is simply one of the most random sites I've seen in a while.  Check out their archives.  Some of that stuff is just hysterical.  Come on, where else are you going to see lists like the Worst Halloween Costumes of All Time (I wanna go as Gabe Kaplan) and the Top 20 Male Reactions to Olive Oyl?  Now I'm one guy that usually thinks nostalgia is a little too old-fashioned, but when I see a whole article devoted to the sheer awesomeness of the Tron arcade game, well I can't help but weep a little.  Just a great site!
Still bored?  I guess you can hang out over with the Suicide Girls.  I read it for the articles....seriously.  It's punk rock Playboy.  I like their recent interview with Robert Smigel.  Now I know why there never was a second season of TV Funhouse.  Very informative!