Saturday, August 07, 2004

One More Joins the World Series Express

I can't believe the Cardinals got Larry Walker. I've always liked Walker. He's another 5 tool player to add to the best lineup in baseball, NAY the best TEAM in baseball. I love the fact that this guy that has spent almost all his career in batting 3-4-5 is suddenly going to bat 2nd, 6th, or 7th. That's just how incredible this lineup is.

Plus Larry Walker is a class act and will fit right in with the St. Louis faithful. I loved seeing him leave the game halfway through beating up the poor, poor Reds and return to the dugout to give hugs to his teamates. Then watching him tear up thinking about leaving Colorado in his press conference.

Is this a huge move by Walt Jocketty? No, but it's a great vanity for this team. This team can compete with anybody in the league, but now they have to be the front-runners for a championship. I think this is going to energize this team the way Will Clark did a few years back (not that they need any more energizing). Plus they will likely have Walker for an extra year, whereas Will the Thrill retired after the season. Welcome to St. Louis, Larry. I'm sure you will love every second of it.