Saturday, July 31, 2004

An Hour I'll Never Get Back

I told you a few days ago about my nice new purchase from Dell. Well it came in over lunch yesterday and I rushed back to work to open the box and start tinkering. I was so excited to plug it in to start charging that it took me a while to notice that my USB cable was not in the box. I checked my order to make sure I wasn't crazy, and I was right. Then I pulled out the invoice and it wasn't on there. I called the customer service number and got a recording.... I hate those recording things. They always say it's for improved customer service, but that's crap. Anyways I put in my order number and it said it didn't recognize it. It asked if I wanted to try a different number. I said no and it said, "Thanks for calling Dell customer service. Call back anytime." Click. What?

Next I tried the website. I put in that I was missing a part of the order. It asked if it was on the invoice. Of course I said no. It replied that apparently I didn't order it and needed to order one for $20. What??

Now I was pretty upset and called back the customer service number. This time I used a roundabout way of my options and finally got a living person on the line. After she got all my information I explained the situation. She put me on hold to figure out what to do. Five minutes later she came back to explain that I didn't order it and have to reorder it. I said, "No, I've already paid for it once. If I have to pay for it again, I'm going to be pretty mad." She put me on hold again. Five minutes later she came back and said that they'll order me a new one free of charge if I hold for a few minutes longer. I was happy at this point, but being on hold for another fifteen minutes ruined that attitude. She came back and said, "I'm terribly sorry about this wait and you are being very patient, but our slow computers are causing this delay." Now we are dealing in the ridiculous and I replied, "I am on the phone with somebody from Dell and you are telling me your computers are being slow?! I'm glad this is customer support and not technical support." She very quickly put me back on hold, this time only for a couple of minutes to finalize the order.

Throughout, I never really got mad. Instead I just thought it was so ridiculous it was kind of comical. It'll be another week or two before I get the USB cable. So basically all I have right now is a glorified contact book and solitaire machine.....and of course that's exactly how I spent my Friday evening!