Saturday, July 17, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me

Well I guess it's officially my birthday now.  Hopefully this one turns out better than last year.  We decided to have a big duel-purpose party for me and Ahrens' birthdays.  I took a couple of days of vacation just to rest up.  It didn't go quite as planned because the day before I started to get mighty ill.  The actual day of my birthday I woke up and could hardly talk and went to the doctor where I found out I had strep throat.  I came home to sleep when my phone rang.  It was my boss saying out character generator crashed and he wanted me to come in to do some graphic work for the news.  I was planning on coming in for a bit anyways because we had a meeting with our CEO who was in town.  I ended up basically pulling a full day, taking breaks to throw up.  Later I was way too sick to go to my own party.  Houser went and said it was awesome and they made banners for me and everything.  I ended up spending the next several days sipping chicken broth on my couch.  I got an ad for Papa John's in the mail and spent those days staring at the pizza and just fantasizing about how good it would taste.  The day I felt up to eating solid food, I called out for the pizza.  I think I did it too soon, however, because it tasted horrible and hurt like crazy going down.  I've had some crappy birthdays before, but I think last year's took the to speak.
So far this weekend is going nicely.  My new CD came in.  The Cards had an amazing victory topped off by one of the greatest catches I've ever seen.  My folks took me out to dinner at my favorite local restaurant and gave me a couple of sweet blazers.  I think Josh wants to take me out for a few drinks Saturday.  I figure I'll oblidge.
I had a really interesting conversation with Mike a couple of New Years Eves ago.  We were trying to think of what all birthdays are special for.  20 is nice because you can't be considered a teenager anymore.  21 is great for all the obvious reasons.  22 is the one-year anniversery of turning 21 so you feel like a pro at that time.  I don't think we ever figured out what 23 was good for.  24 we determined was that true stepping stone towards adulthood.  I usually thought 24 was the "settle-down" age while I was growing up.  Plus I think your organs stop growing at 24.  One more year for me and my car insurance goes down.  That's something to look forward to.  Then it's nothing special until 28, that's the limit of becoming an adult.  That's the age when you turn from just being young to just being sad, so long as you're still pretending to be young.  Then it's 30.  Boy this is depressing.