Monday, August 16, 2004

More Good Music!!

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, but the new Madden came out last week and has rapidly destroyed any miniscule life I had before. On the day I bought it I did pick up a great new album. Talk about contrasting purchases. First with the manly-man Madden game. Then I pick up the new Iron & Wine, "Our Endless Numbered Days."

I will admit that I hadn't really checked out Iron & Wine before, but with all the hype around it I figured I'd have to at some point. I am not disappointed in any regard. It's like Nick Drake has risen from the dead. This is the most delicate music I've heard all year. It's so soft and unassuming, but powerful nonetheless. Plus Sam Beam's voice is simply beautiful. The best description I've heard describe it is that it's like he's sitting on your shoulder singing directly into your ear. What's funny is that with all the hype I expected something kind of hip. I guess it's hip, but in the same way that Garrison Keillor is hip. Besides anything else, it's just simply relaxing. I slept in nice and late today, took a shower, and had a shave. Then I put this album on and sipped an egg cream while not doing anything, and just felt great. Also check out the video to "Naked As We Came." It's short (2 1/2 minutes), but just beautiful.

A month ago I was whining that 2004 was turning out to be a lame year for music, minus Modest Mouse, Now It's Overhead, and Wilco. Well with the addition of this Iron & Wine, the Good Life, and Pedro the Lion, it's actually turning out to be a nice year for music. Plus the new Rilo Kiley comes out Tuesday, and the last Guided By Voices in a week. October still looks like the big month for music with new stuff from American Music Club, Cake, Jimmy Eat World, REM, and Son, Ambulance. Hooray!