Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Just a nice little day...

Today was pretty nice.  It started with an interview at work with one of my idols, Madeline Albright (oops, let me pick up that name I just dropped).  Then I had to go to the dentist, which I really don't mind doing (I know that sounds strange), and he didn't find any cavaties for the first time in a couple of years.

After lunch I scattered my day with several intense debates with some of our sad Republicans at work (of course, I came out on top again).  Then I made a nice little purchase at Dell.  It normally costs well over $250, but I got it at the outlet store for $135!  Plus I got a free USB cable and upgrade from 32MB SDRAM to 64.  Garbllleehiyth......sorry I was just choking on drool.  By the way, the outlet store sale ends this week so get your's now!

All evening I was once again watching the Cards crush the Reds (sorry John) and the DNC again.  I'll write about the convention tomorrow, I'm too worked up right now to make any sense of anything....in a good way.  So far, I'm just floored with how happy I am!  I was even too engulfed in that to watch the new season premiere of Mythbusters, one of the coolest shows on TV.  All this while downloading some great stuff:

John Vanderslice:  "Insound Tour Support #18" "MGM Endings"
Wilco:  DeKalb, Ill. 5/20/04 -- disc 1, disc 2

All-in-all, a nice little day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be just as nice....but I seriously doubt it.