Saturday, August 07, 2004

Foregone Conclusions

I posted a month ago about Pedro the Lion. At the time I was digging them but not enough to obsess about, thinking they were a little boring. A couple of weeks ago I picked up their latest album, "Achilles Heel." I really dug it the first few times I listened to it, but I put it away for a week not totally convinced by it. Yesterday I pulled it out again and now I finally get it. Maybe it's because I recently found out that American Music Club is releasing their first album in ten years and Pedro the Lion reminds me of a more accessible AMC. At first listen Pedro the Lion is not nearly as depressing as AMC and sound much more upbeat, but the deeper you dig into their lyrics you find some incredibly sad things like this section from "A Simple Plan":

We fought for a decade corruption and greed
It gave me a purpose, a reason to breathe
But now that it's over, now that we've won
It's back to my bedroom alone with a shotgun
To think of my family no longer compels me
With all things in common they'll manage without me

Wow, that's horrible! It's also a big reason I listen to the music I do. I'd rather be challenged by music and opened up emotionally. I'm always more motivated and alert when I'm listening to thought-provoking music. Sure it's nice to rock or dance, but it's usually more depressing and sad to do that while alone than listening to Pedro the Lion. Think about that.

Seriously, check this album out. It really is beautiful. Think American Music Club meets Coldplay meets Death Cab for Cutie. If you get sad easily, just sit back and enjoy the sound because this is the happiest sad music you'll hear.