Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Beulah Mania!

As I mentioned earlier, my Beulah orders came in. I picked up "Handsome Western States" and "When Your Heartstrings Break" directly from the band. These are their first two albums that are out of print. I could have bought them from eBay or Amazon, but it probably would have cost me $30-40 a disc. Instead I ordered them here. It took a lot longer because I had to send them a check instead of the convenient online form. A month of waiting, to be more accurate, but it was worth it.

I just have to say that Beulah is probably the best summer music out there right now. In fact, they are like a modern Beach Boys. It's like the Beach Boys meets Cake meets Weezer with a touch of symphonic Asian folk. If singer Miles Kurosky wasn't in Beulah, he'd either be Al Jardine or Rivers Cuomo. This guy writes some of the most beautiful pop songs on the planet. However, he can't seem to do it alone. All of their albums are like this, but "When Your Heartstrings Break" alone features 18 guest musicians. Beulah is interesting anyways because they always record on an extremely limited budget, but everything turns out like a masterpiece. The music is so smooth and engulfing. It sounds like the soundtrack to a nice long dream.

Beulah is an original member of the psychedelica-revivalist Elephant 6 Recording Co. The low-fi E6 trademark is most evedent on "Handsome Western States." However, "When Your Heartstrings Break" throws that sound out the window that continues throw last year's "Yoko." However, "Yoko" was an album of foreshadowing. It is their most emotional effort due in part because of divorce and breakups. The guys in Beulah are interesting because they never quit their day jobs since forming the band. Now all the stress has finally caught up with them and their days are numbered in less than a month. Does the name "Yoko" make sense now? Only four albums into a brilliant career, it's over. Definitely check this band out. They are just amazing.