Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Big One

It finally snowed! Hooray!!

And not any old pidly little snows that we tend to get in central Virginia. This was a huge storm. I think the final tally was around 7".

As excited as I was for it to finally snow like it does back home, it very quickly became a pretty shitty event. Like all-around shitty. First of all last Sunday as the snow was rapidly piling up, our power went out. I even saw the transformer blow from the bedroom. Kinda cool. But after a couple of hours in the dark, we started getting a little concerned. Especially as the temperature kept dropping inside, and the lightning picked up outside. Fucking lightning, man!!

Second shitty thing: work. Lots of work. It started when I went in Monday morning at 2am and didn't get home until 1pm without anything resembling a break. Also all without sleep. I had been up since 11am Sunday, and didn't get back to bed until around 2pm Monday.

And it's not like my sleep was very relaxing. The power was still out and it was freezing in the bedroom. I bundled up and hoped I wouldn't freeze to death. I woke up around 5:30pm feeling like I'd been sleeping outside. I'm sure I could see my breath if I dared to stick my head outside the covers. As I came to, I did notice the sound of our furnace. Thankfully the power came back 21 hours after it went out. The heater stayed on for around four hours regulating the heat inside again.
And that's probably how long it would've taken for my car to warm up Tuesday, one of two days this week we broke the low temperature. All of my car doors were frozen shut. I was finally able to pry open the rear passenger door and crawl through. When I got to the interstate, I barged through the driver side door to pay the toll. Then the door wouldn't shut. The latch was frozen. Just great. I was on the interstate holding my door shut and barely able to see through the small patch of unfrozen windshield. Good thing it was 3:30am and the interstate wasn't exactly bumper-to-bumper.

But we survived. It feels really weird writing about this now. The temperature was up near 80 today. Just a few days ago, it was near 10. All our windows are open and it's almost hot in the apartment. It was really weird driving around today with the windows down wearing short-sleeves and seeing piles of snow everywhere.

After everything, it was still nice to see the snow again. I hadn't seen snow like that since I moved away from Missouri. I'd forgotten how pretty it is when it's really coming down, and how everything seems to get very quiet. It was amazing, but I think I'm okay with not having snow like that for a couple more years.