Friday, November 07, 2008

New World

Another blog with a posting about the elections? Sure, what the hell? I'm just so excited! I am still dancing!!

Not only did I finally vote for the winning president after three tries, but I almost had a clean sweep. My senator, mayor, and even school board candidates all won (city council was unopposed, so I guess that counts as a win). The only one I lost was my U.S. representative candidate (screw you, Eric Cantor).

You know, I have a pretty good voting record since moving to Virginia. I helped vote both Tim Kaine in as governor and Jim Webb in as senator. I sucked in Missouri! I can't think of anybody that I voted in, except the late great Mel Carnahan (take that Ashcroft... hmm, that has me thinking...).

Now as far as the presidential election goes, don't you just feel like an eight year weight has been lifted from your back? Don't you feel just like everything is going to be okay afterall? Don't you just feel... good? Don't you feel like singing??

Take it Johnny!!