Sunday, January 13, 2008


Oh yeah!!

I bought that on Friday!
It's a 37" LCD. Actually, if you're really a nerd about it, it's this one.
Originally I wanted a 42" plasma, but this one blew me away. We did some shopping around at Target and Best Buy before settling on this one.
I'm glad I didn't go bigger. It fits perfectly in my living room. Also, it just barely fit in my car, leading to about ten minutes of panic in the Circuit City parking lot. It was right before closing time and something told me that the idiotic stock room workers wouldn't stay late while I rounded up a truck. Eventually we got it, with some severe squishing. When we got home it took fifteen or more minutes to get it out of my car.
Now I'm living it up in HD. So cool. I'm loving watching the NFL Playoffs in full HD. We picked up a couple of Blu-Ray discs for the PS3 (Pan's Labyrinth and Big Fish). I'm planning on ordering up a nice Korean fix too (Old Boy and The Host).
Dammit this is sweet!