Monday, June 25, 2007


Ten years ago from yesterday I got my first job in television. Tape op. Pretty small fries. Just a few weeks before my 17th birthday.

Now I'm almost 27. I've since held about a million different positions at two different stations. Minus a couple of breaks for school, I've never really done much since. In fact, before I started at KTVO, I had only one other job. I worked the kitchen at a coffee shop, Gatsby's. It closed down in January, 1997. I finished off the rest of my school year before my sister got me in at KTVO (she was a teacher, but directed during the summers).

Thinking about everything as a whole, I've never really regretted my career path. However, I sometimes get a bit of an itch to try something else.... you know, like on payday. I don't really think much about other jobs, but I think it's healthy to try to think about other careers.

In fact, I'll do that now:

Real Estate Agent
Before I left KTVO, I worked my ass off making a 30 minute real estate show. You know, one of those shows where the clients send in some listings and we edit a slide show together with script. I hated working on that show. However, I really liked seeing all the houses. I love architecture. I occasionally pick up Architectural Record. Plus there's pretty descent money in this biz.
Plausibility: I know that I'd have to get certified, or something. How hard can that be? It's not like I'd have to get a doctorate. My biggest flaw would be that I'm a pretty honest guy, not a bullshitter. Still I'd say this is a possibility.

Giant Panda Caretaker
Since I saw the pandas in DC, I've been obsessed with them. I read all about pandas online. In the panda house, there was this glassed off room with some dudes watching the pandas on cameras. I could do that! I'm sure they'll have to write on charts and stuff, but it'd be great to watch them all day.
Plausibility: Not good. I'm guessing those guys are behavior scientists, or something. Probably have big fancy degrees in zoology. The closest education I have is when I spent 5th grade career day at the veterinarian's office.... and I threw up.

I know my bars. I like bars. I'm a pretty personable guy. There are these commercials that air here in Richmond for a bartender school. It's like a four-week course. Can't be that hard.
Plausibility: Well, I smoke a bunch in bars. I plan on quitting next month (again). If I worked in a bar, I'd be dead by 30. Plus one of my friends here worked in a bar through college. All he talks about is cleaning the bathrooms. Not pretty.

Hell yeah! I'd love to be a detective. Anybody watch Zodiac? Yeah, like Mark Ruffalo in that movie. I get obsessed with things pretty easily (see: giant pandas). I could obsess over solving something while hanging out in diners all day. Plus I drink coffee. All detectives drink coffee.
Plausibility: Maybe not. I don't know anything about criminal justice that I didn't learn in movies. Plus I think detectives start off as cops. Well, a cop? Maybe!

Human Resources
Now this is something I can do! Sounds a little boring. However, when I was a production manager, I was really fascinated with the human resources elements of the job. I was very good at it too. I still have our companies policy book pretty much memorized.
Plausibility: Pretty good! I like office jobs. I like human resources. My resume is pretty descently loaded with credentials. I miss management.... sometimes. I definitely see myself getting back into management someday.

Something at a Record Label
Especially something at an indie label. I know my indie music. Drag City a while back was hiring a musician liason, of sorts. Basically somebody to be the go-between guy for musicians and the label. I could do that!
Plausibility: Not good. I don't smoke pot. I think indie labels drug test to make sure you are ON drugs. I'm not.

You know, I'm pretty happy in television. Maybe I'll stick it out a while longer. The hours suck. The pay sucks. However, I still find the job constantly entertaining. Plus I'm still really freaking good at what I do. I'm happy where I am. Won't be here forever, but things are great. Don't want to leave while things are great. I'll just need to know when to leave, you know, like before I go insane someday and go living in the woods alone.

Wait a minute... what about a forest ranger!?