Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Okay, I'm all moved in. It took forever on Saturday, but it happened. Spent all day Sunday getting organized, all day Monday cleaning the old place, and all day yesterday sleeping. I love my new place. Nice neighborhood, very quiet. Basically near all highways and tons of shopping. Takes less than ten minutes to get to work. It's so comfortable too. Just nice all around. I'm very happy.

I'll to write up some stuff this month, but I'm going to be very busy all month. It's already been non-stop. This Sunday (or Monday) got some folks in from out of town (Ahrens, Coombs, Rishi). I'm going to be off Monday through Friday next week, so I'm ready to get this week over with. Later in the month my folks are coming into town. Don't know when yet, but they are coming.

So yeah, busy.