Monday, May 08, 2006

SuSh 05.08.06 (JV in C-ville)

Sorry about the lack of posts over the last week. Been too broke and too busy to do anything fun.

I did get around to that John Vanderslice show last Monday at the Satellite Ballroom. Small venue, like Mojo's small, but less bar-like. It reminded me of a room the Shriners would rent out for wedding receptions or something. Definitely no Blue Note (damn I miss that place). Oh it had a bar, but no chairs at the bar. Plus it was $2 for a small cup of PBR.....lame.....although I did have a couple.

The show itself was fantastic! The opener was Page France. This is a band that everybody should hear. They were so freaking good. Just happy, clap-along, sing-along songs about God, family, and chicks. I didn't pick up any of their discs at the show, but will definitely be buying up thier whole catalog in short time.

As for the Vanderslice portion, he was great. It was the first show in a long time that I really didn't need any more out of it. He played everything I wanted to hear. He definitely lived up to the reputation of the nicest dude in indie rock. I think everybody in the crowd was very satisfied. A great mix of songs from Pixel Revolt all the way back to Time Travel is Lonely. Nothing from Mass Suicide Occult Figurines that I recall.

I did pick up his new release, Suddenly it All Went Dark: Pixel Revolt Live to 2-Track after the show.

This is mostly a good collection filler. Pixel Revolt has grown on me so much that it's hard to listen to these stripped down versions. Not that these are bad versions. It's just if I was to pull one or the other out to listen to, I will always pick the studio versions.

By the way, JV must really like Jason Molina. He's referenced the one song twice now ("Farewell Transmission"). That's great though because that's probably my favorite Molina song.

Tuesday I also picked up the new Streets album.

When I got back home a couple weeks ago and was driving around, KTRM was playing the whole album. I really dug it then, but forgot about it soon after. During the Vanderslice show, JV gave his big thumbs up too. So I bought it. Glad I did too because it's pretty damn good. The first half is okay. However once "Can't Con an Honest John" kicks in, it never looks back. Good stuff.

Anyways, onwards:

Current track count: 4779

1. Half-Handed Cloud - "They're Bad, but We're Worse" (Halos & Lassos)

2. Now it's Overhead - "Who's Jon" (s/t)

3. Mountain Goats - "International Small Arms Traffic Blues" (Tallahassee)

4. Radiohead - "Backdrifts" (Hail to the Thief)

5. Spoon - "Merchants of Soul" (Gimme Fiction)

6. Supergrass - "Caught by the Fuzz" (In it for the Money (bonus disc))

7. Jay Farrar - "Vitamins" (Sebastopol)

8. Whiskeytown - "Factory Girl" (Faithless Street)

9. Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins - "The Charging Sky" (Rabbit Fur Coat)

10. Wilco - "Barnyard Pimp" (Wilco Book CD)

11. Cake - "Mr. Mastadon Farm" (Motorcade of Generosity)