Saturday, April 29, 2006


I freaking love the NFL Draft. Sometimes I feel like I enjoy it more than the season itself. Usually Josh and I have a get-together and enjoy. Not now. In fact, I had to work today. I did watch about half the first round in our lottery booth before getting home.

The Rams draft was good. I like the moves they made. It's great to see them actually filling holes. I love Tye Hill's style; a little bruiser with tons of speed. I'm really curious about watching Joe Klopfenstein at tight end too. (It's only fun if you say it like Gene Wilder: "That's Klopfenstein.") (EDIT: Holy crap, they just traded up to draft Dominique Byrd. That's awesome!) They thing that worries me, however, is that this may be the first time I can actually say Arizona is kinda scary. Having high picks for a decade or so may finally pay off.

Broncos draft, I am really excited about.

I can't believe they picked Jay Cutler! That was the last thing I expected when they traded up to get him. Plummer's really only got a couple more years in Denver. Plenty of time to groom Cutler. Plus with his cannon in Denver's thin air, he'll be tossing the ball into the parking lot with ease.

But they weren't done!!

The trade for Javon Walker really didn't surprise me, but it did excite me nonetheless. I'm glad they're finally getting someone better than Lelie. I love Lelie, but I hate his one style of play. He's great down field, but can't break tackles or catch anything short-field. One touchdown from your number two receiver when your top guy is nearing retirement isn't good.

I am very excited about this Denver team not only for now, but for years down the road.

By the way, is it me or is this year's coverage on ESPN been horrible? Not that I'm a big Chris Berman fan at all, but he's been a joke all day. All day he seems confused and kept talking all over himself. Plus he kept ruining every first round pick before they were actually announced. He's paid to talk, but for god's sake, just shut up!!