Sunday, April 16, 2006

SuSh 04.16.06 (Freedom)

I finally get a day off and I am so relaxed right now. There have been plenty of times when I haven't had a day off in a long time (I once worked three months straight without a day off), but for some reason these last two weeks have really kicked my ass. Last night I was so tired and disoriented that I found myself watching Van Damme's Kickboxer on TV and couldn't turn away...maybe in a train wreck type way. At least now I can finally get some nice sleep, although I'm sure I'll wake up at 4am in a panic that I'm late for work.

Fly out Thursday to Kansas City. For now:

Current track count: 4735

1. Morrissey - "Alma Matters" (Maladjusted)

2. Johnny Cash - "One" (American III: Solitary Man)

3. Wilco - "Barnyard Pimp" (Wilco Book CD)

4. Jay Farrar - "Driving the View" (Live EP)

5. American Music Club - "Over and Done" (Mercury)

6. Wilco - "How to Fight Loneliness" (live in Columbia, Mo. 11/20/00)

7. Flaming Lips - "All We Have is Now" (Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots)

8. Broken Social Scene - "Our Faces Split the Coast in Half" (Broken Social Scene)

9. Queens of the Stone Age - "Hangin' Tree" (Songs for the Deaf)

10. James - "Just Like Fred Astaire" (Millionaires)

11. Yo La Tengo - "Walking Away From You" (Genius+Love=Yo La Tengo)

12. Rolling Stones - "Moonlight Mile" (Sticky Fingers)

Killer playlist! That Queens of the Stone Age sticks out like a sore thumb, but somehow it actually worked. "Moonlight Mile" was a great way to finish.