Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Today was payday! Woohoo!! I finally have some money to blow. I spent the last of my pre-check funds on cigarettes and booze at the bar last night. I had today all planned out. I got up, payed the bills, went to Chipotle for lunch, got a haircut, bought stamps, quick trip to the grocery store, and go nuts at the record store.

The plan was to buy a whole bunch of those used CDs I saw last week. I was going to forget about the new Fiery Furnaces for now and go nuts on the used stuff. Problem was, they were all sold! Well, not all, but at least the ones I had planned on getting. Even the ELO section was cleaned out. Dammit!

I did find Half-Handed Cloud's Halos & Lassos used for only $7, so I gave it a shot.

It's pretty descent. I listened to it twice as I drove around. It's essentially a big suite filled with childish lyrics and music (Casio beats, banjos). I don't really know how else to describe it. It's pretty unique. Not the best thing I've heard all year, but worth $7.

Oh speaking of musical suites, I did also buy the Fiery Furnaces' Bitter Tea.

Now this is a damn good album. It really took me by surprise. I love the Fiery Furnaces, but maybe I don't quite understand them like I should. Pretty difficult stuff to listen to. I really did like last year's Rehearsing My Choir, but it's not something to listen to that much. Bitter Tea is far more accessible. Still pretty chaotic and strange, but maybe a touch more pop-oriented. It's long, but I've about finished it twice now. I can listen to this one driving around. Definitely can't listen to Rehearsing My Choir while driving around. It's a sit-and-pay-attention album.

Bitter Tea, by the way, is definitely not a kitty-approved album. Huxley was terrified while I listened to it. Too many scary noises. She sat in my chair with her ears perked back and eyes wide open as she looked around confused. During "Whistle Rhapsody" she finally bolted into under my dining room table and hid. I guess I'll be listening to this one with the headphones on from now on.