Friday, April 28, 2006

In Sick

Man, I'm so ill today. I woke from my nap yesterday filling less than stellar. Then I woke for work this morning around 3am and just couldn't move. Chest pain, head ache, sore eyes, stuffy nose, upset stomach, the whole bit. I had to call in sick. That really sucked because I could've met Tommy Chong today. He was our guest on the noon show.

I'm feeling slightly better now, but not much. I hate calling in sick to work so I've made up my mind to fight through it tomorrow. I've been lying around all day today. So much so that I can't lie down anymore because my neck is killing me. I'll fight it out long enough to come home just to lie around and watch the NFL Draft.

Hopefully I'll feel better soon because I've got a John Vanderslice show to catch on Monday in Charlottesville.