Thursday, April 27, 2006


Got back from vacation on Monday evening, but have really struggled to try to get back on schedule. I was getting used to getting to bed when I should be just getting into of those types of vacations.

I think this pic sums it up pretty well:

Here's Josh with a sweet shiner from his kick-ass motorcycle accident.

Hedges and I reacting to Josh telling us a story about his ex-girlfriend's talented vajayjay at Shakespeare's.

Holy crap! Gordon and I ran into Jeff Burrows for the first time in around eight years.

Saw Foundry Field Recordings at the Dukum. This is the third time I've seen them. They got GOOOOD. Really good. I was blown away.

Oh yeah, saw some baseball too. Lots of baseball. The Tigers sucked, but at least the little bro kicked ass.

Great vacation. I could do that every night forever, but I'd be dead within a couple of years.