Saturday, March 04, 2006

SuSh 03.04.06

Very sleepy tonight. Very, very sleepy. Hardly slept the last two days, plus I'm directing every newscast tomorrow. At least it's my Friday tomorrow. Still I thought I'd do a shuffle and post before bed. Here goes:

Current track count: 4572 (I did a little spring cleaning this week)

1. Smog - "Natural Decline" (Rain on Lens)

2. Get Up Kids - "Ten Minutes" (Eudora)

3. Coldplay - "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" (A Rush of Blood to the Head)

4. Lambchop - "The Lone Official" (Aw C'mon)

5. Eisley - "Memories" (Room Noises)

6. Bob Dylan - "Lay Lady Lay" (Nashville Skyline)

7. Magnolia Electric Co. - "The Dark Don't Hide It" (What Comes After the Blues)

8. Beck - "Little One" (Sea Change)

9. James - "Strangers" (Millionaires)

10. Travis - "Somewhere Else" (12 Memories).

What an ecclectic mix!! Maybe not in a good way, though. The first half of this shuffle was terrible! I mean, Smog to the Get Up Kids?? Leave it to Bob to save the day halfway through....with my favorite Dylan song too. Then follow that up with some Jason Molina....excellent!! Still, overall, pretty shitty shuffle. I guess that's why this experiment is fun.

Grade: D+

Funny side note....Berto and I argued once who would be the next James, Travis or Coldplay? On this mix, I got all three.

Off to bed.