Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Three Times an Alien

I just saw my third UFO!! Just a couple of minutes ago. It was really strange, but very brief. I was just outside and saw a shooting star in front of me. Not 30 seconds later I noticed a sizable flash off to my left in the sky. I saw a big light, not huge but enough to stand out in the sky. It was flying fairly quickly to the north when it just faded out until there was nothing left. Not quite as dramatic as the other two I've seen, but strange nonetheless.

I must me a little jumpy as I write this because I heard this really loud high-pitched squealing coming from my kitchen. Huxley jumped up all freaked out. I ran towards it when it stopped. As I was leaving the kitchen it started again. I tried isolating the sound when I found the culprit. Not an alien, but the loudest damn cricket I've ever heard.

So wow, I once spent five years in a haunted house and now I've seen three UFO's. I'm a paranormal magnet!!