Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Trip Shopping

I'm leaving town tomorrow for a couple of days and needed some entertainment for the trip. I ordered a couple of CD's but I'm still waiting for them to come in (one of them for a month now). Plus I'm almost finished with my book. With a four hour layover in St. Louis both ways, that's a problem. Off to Hastings I went!!

I know I bitch a bunch about Hastings, and it's always accurate. However, occasionally I leave happy. Tonight was definitely a happy night. Most of everything I was looking for was not there so I started searching for stuff not first on my list. And that's where things turned around. First I found a used Smog album (Rain on Lens). Who the hell around here:
A.) Knows who the hell Smog is?
B.) Would trade in a Smog album??
A little more searching netted me one of the two Superchunk albums I don't own (Foolish). Plus it's the Japanese import version!! I'm sure you're surprised that there is stuff by Superchunk that I don't own. Both CD's were only $6.

I was still a little worried about what book I should pick up because I just couldn't think of anything that excited me. But, WAIT, yes there was...it just took me a minute. A little searching and I found one copy of 3 Nights in August. I was thrilled. Then I started thinking, what self-respecting book store in Missouri only has one in-store copy of this book?? I always have to bitch about something when coming out of Hastings.


Oh, by the way. Since this is a dry season for new releases, I'll make a suggestion somebody may have missed:

Stars-Set Yourself on Fire

Definitely check this one out. I've been struggling coming up with something to compare it with, but then I realized it's an impossible task because every song is so different, very eclectic. Some of it sounds like Rilo Kiley, some like the Postal Service, some like the Smiths. They're from Montreal so it'd be inevitable to compare them to the Arcade Fire, but you can't. Well I guess both use strings and have both a guy and girl singer. That's about it.