Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love For Destroyer

So I was whining about how I don't seem to appreciate music like I once did. Maybe it's just the way I listen to music. I was typically only listening to music in the car. Not good.

A few weeks ago I decided to just completely surround myself in music. I started using my breaks at work taking walks around the Fan listening to my iPod. I have also been listening to music at work more. And also when I'm just sitting around on the computer. Listening more like I used to.

Of course, I buy so much music that I was listening almost exclusively to the new music in my collection. Last week I started on a project to get me back deeper than I had in a while. Just listen to everything by some of my favorite artists. Starting with somebody I absolutely love but might not appreciate the whole library, Destroyer is where I began. Overall, this was a completely successful project.

We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge

Destroyer's worst? Sure. It's his first though. As ridiculous as some of this music is, so much of it shows how great this music will become. It's more avant-garde than the more structured songs he'd be writing years later, but the lushness is still there under the noise.

City of Daughters

Lyrically this is Destroyer's first great album. As great as the music is, some of the sudden breakdowns into electronica or the synthesized horn instrumentals don't seem to make a lot of sense.


The perfect compliment to City of Daughters. Very similar musically, but still a step forward. "Mercy (We Had the Right)" has to be his best song up to this point in his career.

Streethawk: A Seduction

This is Destroyer's first masterpiece. This is why this project has some validity for me. When I bought this album, I didn't listen to it too much. Now after this listen, I realize just how amazing this album is. The most complete Destroyer album to date.

This Night

The Destroyer slacker album. It sounds like Destroyer backed by Pavement, or maybe Modest Mouse. Maybe his most underrated album. Or even his most overrated. It’s loved by some, and hated by some. I never really paid much attention to this album (too long), but with this listen I feel like I appreciate it for the first time. Further validation.

Your Blues

Oh, the midi album. How does one write an album full of songs with the melodrama turned to 10, then redo everything using mostly midi, and make it great? True genius.

Notorious Lightning and Other Works

Six songs from Your Blues re-recorded with Frog Eyes. Just unbelievably good. Like really, really good.


Destroyer’s best. No comparison. This is simply one of the greatest albums I have ever heard. Years after I first heard it, it still sounds incredible. I wanted to make a list of my favorite Destroyer songs, but that’d be pointless since most of them are on Rubies. This should be an essential album for any good record collection. It’s a perfect album in every sense of the word.

Trouble in Dreams

It’s nearly impossible to follow up your masterpiece with another, but damn Destroyer comes close here. It took me quite some time to really get into this album, and I still don’t feel like I completely appreciate it. It is an amazing album though. Every song is very intricately layered, and the music sounds as emotional as anything Destroyer has released.
Destroyer is one of those musical experiences that many people will likely hate. Dan Bejar just sounds really weird. However if you get it… if you really understand how perfectly constructed his music is recorded, and how heart-wrenching his lyrics are, you can easily find yourself wrapped up in some of the greatest musical experiences you’ll ever have.

Favorite Destroyer Albums:
1. Rubies
2. Your Blues
3. Notorious Lightning and Other Works
4. Streethawk: A Seduction
5. This Night
6. Thief
7. Trouble in Dreams
8. City of Daughters
9. We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge

Buy them in this order:
1. Rubies
2. Streethawk: A Seduction
3. City of Daughters
4. Thief
5. Your Blues
6. Notorious Lightning and Other Works
7. This Night
8. We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge
9. Trouble in Dreams