Friday, May 08, 2009


From 1988 to 1993, five years when I was a kid I lived in a haunted house. Not just some “oh a noise I can’t explain” haunted house, but “oh shit why is there an old guy walking down the hallway in the middle of the night” haunted house. Legit stuff.

That’s a different story though.

A few weird things happened at our apartment in the last week. Eleven months we have lived here without anything weird happening. Then last Saturday after we got back from the bar, I was putting my glasses on the end table before laying down to sleep. As I did that, the fan on the table fell onto my arm then to the floor. I don’t think I touched the fan. Okay, granted, maybe I did touch it or hit the table causing it to fall. However, the fact that I specifically had to say “I didn’t cause that” made it a strange experience. Not too strange however. I did have a few drinks in me.

Then the next morning I was turning on my laptop on my coffee table. I reached for my wireless mouse under the table, when suddenly my checkbook came sliding out from under the table onto my foot. My checkbook close to the mouse, but not exactly right next to it. It was another of those “I didn’t cause that” moments. I really don’t think I touched that checkbook. It seemed to just come flying out from under the table. Again, maybe I did hit it or something.

Then Monday evening we were in our living room when we heard a big crash. We live in an apartment building, so that’s not uncommon. It really sounded like it came from our place though. We wandered around searching out the cause, when we came to the bedroom closet. Our humidifier that was on the top shelf was now on the ground, and water was spilled everywhere. Now I definitely didn’t touch that! Maybe somebody was jumping on the bed below us, or there was some kind of vibration that suddenly went through the building, or something.

It just seems really weird to have three weird experiences in three days. Am I nuts here? Or am I on to something?? I hope not. I think I’d rather be nuts.