Sunday, May 28, 2006


Yesterday I had a dream during a quick cat nap between shifts at work. I found this new store where college kids take old crap to sell off for quick cash. They had furniture, old clothes, and junk like that. They also had a used CD section where I found an absolute gold mine of stuff. I remember buying up some old Flaming Lips singles for like $2 a pop. I was also able to buy all of Andrew Bird's albums for just a few bucks.

I woke up with about an hour to kill before I had to be back to work. Thinking the dream was a sign to hit up the used section at Plan 9, I went in thinking I'm going to find just tons of stuff.

Well, I didn't. In fact, that's about the thinest I've ever seen their collection.

I did buy up Helio Sequence's Love and Distance.

Helio Sequence is one of like 8000 bands Isaac Brock helped on Sub Pop. This one's a little different than most of those bands. The sound is essentially analog electronic.....kinda like the Flaming Lips. Plenty of keyboard samples and harmonic vocals. In the end, it's a little flat.

I keep having a reoccuring dream that I'm searching for the greatest Italian restaurant hidden inside a big skyscraper. Maybe next time I won't jump to conclusions with my dreams.