Monday, May 22, 2006

Catch Up

Been very busy lately, but fun busy instead of just work busy (even though I've been work busy too). Saturday I kinda met ex-Redskin Darrell Green. He was doing an autograph signing at a nearby mall. Went with some friends, but found that the rules were a little complicated on getting an autograph. Couldn't bring something to get signed, had to buy a picture for $10, could only get picture signed at certain times, had to win an auction of signed stuff. Weird. He is possibly running for office in Virginia, so I guess he can be a little jackass and people expect it. Still I did get to stare at him while we drank beer.

After that we went to see the Stokes. They were playing across town and one of our friends was already going. Tickets were cheap so may as well. Show wasn't too bad. Elephant Sixers, Apples in Stereo opened. They were pretty good, but I didn't pay too close attention. The Strokes themselves were pretty good. Maybe not the most professional band, but I didn't expect that. Julian was mumbling all night, forgetting lyrics, and even forgot who the opening acts were. Nice. Still the show was worth the money.

Yesterday was nice too. After work (and a quick nap) I went for a great meal at the Lebanese Food Festival (the spinach pie and hummus were divine) and spent a couple of hours at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Pretty fun, but after getting around four hours of sleep over three days I ended the day with a great eleven straight hours of sleep. A "no Da Vinci Code" weekend, hooray for me!!

Made two nice new album purchases last week.

Mountain Goats - Babylon Springs EP

Nice little EP to keep me busy while waiting for the new release. "Alibi" took me a few listens to catch on to, but I love that song now. Solid release, but not as strong lyrically as most of Darnielle's stuff. This EP is an Australian release and I think the only place domestically to get it is through Moops Music.

Silver Jews - Bright Flight

God I love the Silver Jews. I'm still working on my back collection, but I haven't heard anything weak from them. For my fellow Mizzou folk, they remind me a bit of the Incontinentals. Oh and why didn't I know until recently that the band is originally from Charlottesville?

Anyhoo, buy me some time before the birthday party I'm going to tonight:

Current track count: 4790

1. Mountain Goats - "Balance" (All Hail West Texas)

2. Matt Sweeney/Bonnie "Prince" Billy - "What Are You?" (Superwolf)

3. Flaming Lips - "The Sound of Failure" (At War with the Mystics)

4. Cake - "The Distance" (Fashion Nugget)

5. Uncle Tupelo - "Nothing" (Still Feel Gone)

6. Get Up Kids - "The Breathing Method" (Eudora)

7. Ryan Adams - "City Rain, City Streets" (Love is Hell, Pt. 2)

8. Franz Ferdinand - "Tell Her Tonight" (s/t)

9. Silver Jews - "Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed" (Tanglewood Numbers)

10. Blur - "Jets" (Think Tank)

11. Superchunk - "Green Flowers, Blue Fish" (Here's Where the Strings Come in)

How does my player know how to follow up a St. Louis band (Uncle Tupelo) with a Kansas City band (Get Up Kids). Amazing! I don't listen to Uncle Tupelo much anymore, but when I hear something from Still Feel Gone I really flashback to senior year of high school.