Friday, July 31, 2009

29 in DC


I've been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks. I mean, we went to DC the day after my birthday. My birthday was two weeks ago. Still, it was a memorable trip. Therefore, I still remember it.

We went to the Natural History Museum.

That's an elephant's butt.

Got to see tons of dinosaurs, plus some giant sloths.

Also saw the Hope Diamond and a giant squid. I really wanted to see the giant squid.

We went to the Holocaust Museum and the American History Museum too. Everything was so packed. We didn't even get into the main displays at the Holocaust Museum. We did get to see the Star Spangled Banner flag at the American History Museum though, along with some cool Abraham Lincoln stuff too. Oh and the Stephen Colbert portrait.

Man everything was busy though. It was a Saturday in July. Also the weather was perfect.

As in, absolutely perfect. Not at all hot.

We finished everything off with a Nats game.

It was our first trip to the new stadium in DC. Pretty nice overall. Not a terribly unique stadium, but very comfortable.
Overall, a perfect day. Well actually not quite perfect. The Nats did lose to the stupid Cubs. That sucked. Everything else was great.