Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SuSh 08.01.06

Ahh, getting a couple of days off. Won't be very relaxing, but it'll be fun. Leave for Asheville around noon tomorrow for the Tom Waits show. That's about a six hour drive. We also won't be staying the night, rather will be driving back after the show. Yeah, it'll be a long day. Also I have to work a little on Thursday, but not until the afternoon and only for an hour. It'll be worth it though because we get to see freaking Tom Waits, for crying out loud!

Been pretty busy over the last week with apartment hunting. I HATE apartment hunting, and especially moving, but I'll be happy to be out of this place. I like it okay....it's big, it's cheap. However, I don't like being awoken by random gunfire in the middle of the night and being afraid to go to my car at 4am. Now, the occasional gunfire isn't here, but it's nearby enough to jolt me awake. Plus they're raising my rent...and there's a really bad smell in the hallway. I checked out a great 2BR townhouse today in a nice area at a great price. I've got one more place to see on Thursday, then I make the decision. Can't believe I've been here for almost a year.

The Cards game just finished up so I'm going to set a shuffle up and relax before sleepytime. By the way, I was pretty happy with the Cards' moves at the trade deadline. I like Jorge Sosa. May turn out to be another Jason Marquis, but we get a solid reliever this year and a likely starter for next year. Only gave up some prospect that I've never heard of. He was great tonight's game.

I'm a little uneasy with Belliard, but the deal makes sense. We get a stable 2B, better than anybody already on the roster. I don't know why everybody's up in arms about losing Luna. The dude never showed much more promise than a bench player. The only nice thing I'll miss is his speed. That guy could run. Plus he played about everywhere on the field. However, remember, he's not a good hitter.

The best thing about the Cards' deals is that with a thin market, they didn't find it necessary to break up the organization to get anyone. Abreu is nice, but he's not playing any better than Encarnacion. Soriano would've been nice, but they probably wouldn't have resigned him. Walt would've had to give up the bank just to get anybody big. I like Walt not only because he can pull off some sweet steals (McGwire, Edmonds, Rolen, etc.), but he also has patience and knows when not to trade. He's the best in the game, I don't care about anybody else.

Alright, on with the shuffle. I've been on such a tear buying up new albums that I haven't had much need for a shuffle. My frenzy includes:

Johnny Cash - American IV: A Hundred Highways
Built to Spill - You in Reverse
Islands - Return to the Sea
Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche
Danielson - Brother is to Son
Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies
Golden Smog - Another Fine Day
Spoon - Telephono/Soft Effects (reissues)
Cat Power - You Are Free

Yeah, time to take it easy and listen to what I have.

Oh yeah....and onward:

Current track count: 5001

1. Brian Wilson - "In Blue Hawaii" (SMiLE)

2. Johnny Cash - "Send a Picture of Mother" (At Madison Square Garden)

3. Soul Coughing - "Circles" (El Oso)

(Quick rant: I absolutely love this Soul Coughing album. I know that the album will always be known for this little college radio hit, but the album as a whole is about as complete as any I own. Every single song is a classic. "Circles" was a little overplayed when the album was released, but it's still a great song and it's great to hear it again. Too bad the band fizzled out after this release.)

4. Songs: Ohia - "The Body Burned Away" (Ghost Tropic)

5. Golden Smog - "Keys" (Weird Tales)

6. Golden Smog - "5-22-02" (Another Fine Day)

(Wow, that's weird.)

7. Ryan Adams - "Tennessee Sucks" (Demolition)

8. Spoon - "Me and the Bean" (Girls Can Tell)

9. Uncle Tupelo - "Blues Die Hard (demo)" (No Depression) (reissue)

10. John Vanderslice - "June July" (Cellar Door)

11. Weezer - "Buddy Holly" (blue album)

(Haven't listened to this album in a while. By the way, everybody know that Weezer broke up? Again? Oh and the Rentals are touring and have a new album coming out soon....maybe early 2007.)

12. Phosphorescent - "Not a Heel" (Aw Come Aw Wry)

13. Johnny Cash - "Give My Love to Rose" (At Folsom Prison)

14. Johnny Cash - "As Long as the Grass Shall Grow" (At Madison Square Garden)

Wow, that was really strange. Two Golden Smog songs in a row from different albums and three live Johnny Cash songs from two different albums. Hey no complaints. Especially since I was thinking about listening to Johnny Cash's Madison Square Garden show anyways.

My player and I are becoming one!

(Edit: I decided to play one more song after I published this. Guess what I got. "Big Iron" by Johnny Cash from Unearthed. Johnny is speaking to me.)