Saturday, July 08, 2006

Stupid Week

This has been the more idiotic, stupid week ever!! I would've posted a ridiculous running diary all week, but my internet has been down all week. It's up now, kinda....I'll get to that in a minute.

It really started horribly. I had a....body issue that required a doctor. Let's just leave it at that. The doctor fixed me up all right, but there's nothing more humbling than when she....well nevermind. Plus the medicine really did some wonders to me Monday night at the bar. Very uncomfortable, but at least it was a fun night tearing up the Fan.

Oh I got into a car accident on the way to the doctor's office! I was stopped in the left-turn lane when the guy next to me decided to merge. Idiot. Well my car's fine, just a little scuffed, but his side mirror basically exploded. Plus he was in a rental car so he had to call the cops, just to have the officer look at him and say, "So basically, you screwed up."

Even work was stupid this week. I got into the most ridiculous, childish fight with our most wonderfully childish member of our morning crew. You should've seen it. It was so stupid. Plus I was working on four hours of sleep in two days. Really, don't mess with me when I'm that tired.

On a plus, I picked up three really great albums this week. However one of them was used and when I opened it, it was a little scratched up. Works in my car just fine, but my computer hates it. Since it was used, I can't return it. Sucks too because the album is great! I'll post reviews later, plus I've saved up some other thoughts that I'll post later....maybe tomorrow.

Now my internet, this week's coup de grĂ¢ce. I've been without internet at home since Sunday. I called my ISP and they couldn't figure it out over the phone so they made an appointment for a rep to come out. However with the holiday, it wouldn't be until Thursday. Thursdays, by the way, really suck for me. I work 4am-2pm with no break. Whatever, at least I'd have internet again.....but he never showed up. I called them up to find out that they didn't mark my appointment down. Whoops. So I had to wait until today.

Well he showed up when I got off work, but even he couldn't figure out the problem. He said it was problem with my computer and he couldn't help and left. I tried a few things on my own, but no luck. Finally I called my computer's manufacturer. Three hours later and they couldn't figure out the problem either. They thought it was a problem with my ISP. So we decided to conference call. When we eventually got up and running on the call, the guy from my ISP asked one question. "Do you have a virus scan?" Well, yeah. "Turn it off." Poof! My internet was working. Five hours of troubleshooting for that?! I'm just floored that nobody thought of that before, including myself. Well now I have to call my anti-virus to figure that one out, but at least I have internet.

Really stupid week, really stupid. However things are looking up. I still have to work straight through until Friday, but that's my own doing. I wanted a four day weekend for my birthday because I can't take vacation during book. Going to Charlottesville on Friday for the Danielson show. Plus my sister and her fam are moving out to western Virginia.....well actually as I right this they are on their way. Hopefully we can meet for dinner on Friday. Then it's a'drinkin' I go for the remainder of my mini-break. Hooray!!