Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's Over Ninety Degrees Outside, But It Still Feels Like Christmas

Christmas in June continues as I picked up the new Coldplay and White Stripes just now. Then I got home and checked my mail and received my Viva Voce shipment. I received a refund notice on my Calexico shipment, but that's okay. I'm still waiting on my Sufjan Stevens order, then I'm set.

I listened to the new Eels while at work this morning. It is FANTASTIC!! I highly recommend it. If you haven't ever checked out the Eels (first of all SHAME ON YOU), I would recommend picking up "Electro-Shock Blues." It's always been my favorite, but this one may be better. The reason I recommend it is that the new one has 33 songs. That's a pretty daunting task to get into somebody new.

Has anybody noticed all these double albums coming out? The new Eels, Ryan Adams, and Foo Fighters are all double albums. New Foo comes out in a week. I'll check it out if I'm in the mood. The new Eels is a FAR superior double album than the new Ryan Adams. For the most part, "Cold Roses" all sounds the same. The new Eels is a great adventure through all kinds of different musical formats. It's very long, but it never feels repetitive.