Friday, May 27, 2005

The Suitcase Summer Movie Preview

My preview will be pretty short.....


Now that Star Wars is over and done with, I can't think of one other interesting movie coming out this summer. Oh and has anybody noticed a trend of unoriginality in Hollywood? This summer they are taking it to new heights. Almost every big movie this summer is a remake! Let's see, we have:

-Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
-War of the Worlds
-The Longest Yard (Eddie Albert died today. He was in the original. I guess he knew this one was garbage.)
-Dukes of Hazzard (man this looks like a train wreck)
-Herbie: Fully Loaded (yeah cause the public was just clamoring for another Herbie movie)

I'm sure I'm missing something else. Plus I read last night that "Back to School" is being remade with Cedric the Entertainer. Dear God no!! No more remakes, please! Come up with something new!!

It seems this started with the remake of "Psycho." After that I lost all respect for Gus Van Sant. Why bother remaking one of the greatest films of all time? Especially shot-for-shot? Was there something missing in the original? I'm sorry but Van Sant cannot improve on Hitchcock, so don't bother.

Now a couple of the most talented directors out there are caught in this trap. Spielberg is remaking another of my favorite films, "War of the Worlds." Tim Burton is really pushing my buttons by remaking "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." It is unnecessary. Burton is one of my favorite directors, but two of his last three were remakes.....well I guess "Planet of the Apes" was more of an adaptation, but still.

This trend has really irked me, if you can't tell. I'm such a movie buff, but now very rarely watch any Hollywood movies. In fact before Episode III the last movie I saw at the theaters was the last Lord of the Rings. I've just become so cynical that I now refuse to see most movies.

In summary, my summer movie preview is to save your money because I'm tired of this garbage.

(Cue closing music: "Sunless Suitcase's Recliner of Rage!!")