Thursday, May 19, 2005

Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert!

It's a big week for nerds, such as myself. Firstly because of Star Wars. Secondly because of E3. And with E3 comes some big news....

Just look at that picture above. THAT is what I want.

Monday was the official Sony unveiling of the Playstation 3....and it couldn't have been cooler. That machine is just going to be the sweetest thing on Earth when it's released next year. Just check out the specs in that link.

....and of course, there in lies the problem.

You see, the PS3 is going to be so complex that it'll likely cost a fortune. Just the video card alone has a value of around $1000. The good news is that Sony surely knows that to sell a console for that much money would be suicide. Especially when the X-Box 360 will reportedly cost $300. Thankfully it's rumored today to have a release cost of $500 or less. That's still a ton of money, but not as scary as it could be. I may as well start saving now. I'm a Playstation guy and refuse to switch over to Microsoft. It may hit me in the wallet in a year, but from what I've heard the PS3 is so far way more impressive than the new X-Box.

I wish I can say I'll put my current nerdiness on hold until next spring when the PS3 is released, but unfortunatly for those around me I'm going on Saturday to see Star Wars. Yeah, I'm pretty nerded out right now.