Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Complement? For Shame!

When I post about Hastings, typically it is out of hatred. Today I'm actually going to offer a complement to our much maligned entertainment store. Usually I go to shop, but end up just checking up on things....making sure they have the selection they should have. Most often, however, I go home empty-handed and angry.

A couple weeks ago on a day off, I was feeling a tad bored and decided to take my monthly trip to Hastings. I was rather surprised to see that they had BOTH Magnolia Electric Co. albums. Further searching unveiled my eventual purchase: the new Bonnie "Prince" Billy. I was shocked to see something so obscure on their shelves.

Yesterday I found a couple extra bucks in my wallet before payday so I went to see if they had the new Eels. They did, only one copy so I left it for my friend, but right next on the display was the new Mountain Goats. "What the hell is that doing in this store?!" I bought it.....review likely coming tonight.

Today I traded in a couple of old PS2 games for store credit. No more Eels in stock, but I picked up the new Ryan Adams and the Arcade Fire for $12 a pop. (OT: I know, I finally got the Arcade Fire...lay off...oh and sorry Wajda, I love it). I ended up paying only $3 out of my pocket for both releases. That was the first time in possibly more than a year that I left Hastings happy......

.....then I noticed they had the new Decemberists marked at $18. That made me angry. Why again does the sign outside say "Discount?" (By the way, notice the price listed on that link I found.)