Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Vacation Day 4--Show 2 (little late)

(Sorry I haven't posted my Iron & Wine show review, but I've been really lazy the last couple of days.)

Sunday was so nice. We started with the day watching Mizzou beat Oklahoma in a great game. Then we had gyros for lunch. Then we went to the mall, briefly. Then we went to the show.

I can't get as detailed with this show because it wasn't quite as memorable, but still great. It started with a set by Eric Johnson of the Fruit Bats. Can't say much for his show because I didn't pay much attention. It was pretty hard anyways because the crowd was pretty noisy. This would become a theme of the night.

Horses came out next. They were pretty good....stoner rock. I was more distracted by the fact that most of the guys looked like Mike. I decided that the singer looked like Mike and Adrian Brody had a baby. The guitarist looked like Mike and Vincent Gallo had a baby. The most memorable moment of their set was a sweet cover of "Showdown" by ELO. I didn't have to compete much with the crowd during this set, but it was also the loudest set of the night.

Then Iron & Wine came out. Their show was fantastic. Tons of stuff from "Woman King," which surprised me. I loved the reggae version of "Cinder & Smoke." The solo version of "Naked as We Came" was enough to give me a shiver. I couldn't take my eyes off of Sam Beam. That guy has become pretty iconic in my eyes. Sister Sarah was hypnotic as she shyly swayed back and forth to the music. Of course, the set was mostly quiet. This became a big problem for us as there was a group of jackasses behind us that were loudly gabbing the whole damn show. Who the hell pays $14 just to stand around and talk? And they were LOUD. They were so damn loud that I actually couldn't hear much of the set. At least I wasn't the only pissed-off person. They got plenty of "shut the hell ups" from the audience, but to no avail. Still it was a minor distraction in my eyes. If those idiots weren't there and he played "Sodom, South Georgia" it would've been perfect.