Saturday, July 03, 2004

Tough Choice For the Easy Choice

If you happen to glance at the sidebar, you may notice that I am a life-long democrat and staunch John Kerry supporter. This is a very exciting time for somebody like me with the DNC coming up. Also I've heard many news reports saying that Kerry is planning on announcing his Veep on Tuesday. I'm not sure I believe it but it has sent people scrambling.

Bill Richardson has already dropped out of the running. I like the man and his extensive resume, but I'm not too upset considering the long list well-qualified candidates. Matt Drudge reported this week that the pick will be Hillary Clinton. The problem is that that idiot Drudge is about as reliable as the Enquirer. Sure he was the first to report the Lewinski scandal, but if you spend years making stuff up perhaps one yarn you spin will be accurate. I'll admit it, I'm a Hillary fan. I actually like her better than her husband. My biggest problem is that the country is so evenly divided right now that it may be problematic for such a polorizing figure such as Hillary. I have no doubt that she will and should be an important factor in American politics, but now may not be the best time.

There are several other candidates, but three more stand out as the front-runners: John Edwards, Richard Gephardt, and Tom Vilsack. Vilsack is an interesting choice and is pretty well-liked in Iowa, but he may be too anonymous outside this part of the country. Too bad because he's a hell of a nice guy. It's hard for me to judge Gephardt since I am such a homer. He's like the new Truman here in Missouri. That could be very important in such a major swing-state as it would surely put Kerry over the top here. Gephardt is not anonymous across the country and has been very visible in Washington for many years. I guess the biggest knock on him is that he has a tendency to be known as a bit of a softy. That leads me to Edwards.

John Edwards definitely does not have a reputation of being a softy. He did the unbelievable task of going from a nobody to a major factor in the primaries. That gave him the exposure that he needs for such a prominent position as Vice-President. He's a likeable guy, but can also turn into a pitbull when needed. Sounds a bit like our last Vice-President and current President in exile Al Gore. Plus his kindly grassroots nature will be a great contrast to the off-putting secrecy and pure grumpiness of Cheney, and I believe Edwards will destroy Cheney in the debates. Sure Edwards has no ties to the Midwest, but HE was THE person that knocked Howard Dean out of the primaries, not Kerry. And he did it mostly back home and starting in the Midwest (he's who I chose in the primaries). Edwards is my choice for Vice-President. Kerry-Edwards in '04! However, any which way Kerry goes, it obviously won't affect my vote.

I know I did not write much about the political philosophy of the candidates, but I believe that simple electability is what will be important in this election. I'm not the biggest poll reader, but that is where they are leading and it was the major indicator that gave Kerry the nomination to begin with.

Well the Cards rain delay is over and the repair guy just got here to fix my sink so I'll stop my rant. Everybody else needs to discuss now!