Friday, July 02, 2004

You'd Think It's a Holiday or Something

I had a pretty rotten day at work today (six hours of proofreading does that) and I was excited to come home not only to begin a three-day weekend, but also because the CDs I ordered are due in today:
V/A "The Amos House Collection, Vol. 3"
Pedro the Lion "Progress"
Yo La Tengo "Today is the Day"
I rushed home only to find an empty mailbox. Is today considered a holiday? Is that why there is no mail? It'd better not be because I won't get my CDs until next week. I can buy music in this town, but for the most part I live in a fairly sparse music buying town so I usually order my stuff online. The problem is that I'm a pretty impatient person and especially hate waiting on mail. Oh well, I guess I could just settle on watching the Cards on TV and playing MVP 2004.....just like always.