Friday, July 22, 2005

The Man From Halifax Comes to Save the Steel City

I was so excited about today's NHL draft lottery and was thrilled when I saw that FSN Midwest was actually covering it live. Yeah you heard right! Screw you, ESPN!!

Somehow I was still holding out a touch of hope that the Blues would somehow end up with the first pick and get Sidney Crosby. Of course I forgot that the hockey gods like to crap on St. Louis and the pick ended up in Pittsburgh (the Blues got 24).

Oh well, at least the Blues will have a nice second round pick. Besides, I like the Pens and am very happy for them. Hopefully Sidney will be as great as he's said to be and really turns around those sorry Penguins.....and stay the hell out of the Western Conference.

Any chance Sidney will fall to 24? Hmmmm? No? Damn.