Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Car

I love my car. It has always been reliable. Very rarely had too many problems with it. It was cheap when I bought it five years ago, and I've taken very good care of it. After five years the only problems I've had with it are routine things (had a fuel pump problem-cost $30 to fix, new tires, had to get a new battery twice, had to get a new rear window). I only have one more payment on it, then it's all mine. Now is the time to get paranoid.

About a month ago my check engine light came on. I immediately got a cold sweat. "Here it is." Went in and got it checked out. Just needed a new gas cap. Cost $20. Whew! Dodged another bullet.

But then a couple of weeks later before work it struggled to start. Eventually it did, but it did it again that afternoon. Took it in and the mechanics found absolutely nothing wrong with it. Nothing to worry about. Weird.

I happily drove it around for the last couple of weeks, confident that nothing was wrong. And I didn't have any problems. Well, until last night.

Molly and I made a stop at the Food Lion after I got home from work. As we were leaving, it wouldn't start. No problem, just wait a minute and it'll be fine. But it wasn't. Food Lion is basically in our backyard, so it wasn't a problem getting home. Later last night I walked back over to try again. No luck. Oh boy.

This morning I went again, but still wouldn't start. I called the mechanic to get it towed in and went home to wait..... and sweat. This is it. One more car payment and I'll own a dead car. My phone rang thirty minutes ago. Oh God!

Eh, just need a new starter. Will cost $250. No big deal. Actually this is probably the worst thing that's ever happened to this car. God I love this car!!